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6 Things You Must NEVER Do At RECon Las Vegas

Updated: May 17, 2018

Are you going to ReCon this year? Don't set foot in Las Vegas until you've read this guide for what NOT to do at the largest global gathering of retail real estate professionals.

RECon 2018, the world's largest gathering of retail real estate professionals on the planet. Statistics show that 81% of attendees at trade shows have buying authority. With 37,000 industry pros and 1,200 exhibitors in attendance, you definitely don't want to have any missteps.

To help you out, we've put together the ultimate guide on what NOT to do at the largest gathering of retail real estate professionals. I mean honestly, you're bound to make a few of these mistakes... you're only human after all, right? At least make sure you don't do #6.

Please don't do these...

The 6 Things You Must Never Do At ReCon

At conferences, you have a small amount of time to make an impression, grow your business opportunities and get your name out there.

To give you the best chance of making your time at ReCon a success, here's a rundown of the six things to make sure you don't do during your stay in Vegas this year.

1. Don't Make a Poor First Impression

It's important to remember that first impressions can have a high correlation with the long-term success of your relationships, so making a great one is crucial.

With not a lot of time to spare on your first impression (apparently only one-tenth of a second, in fact), you need to hit your audience with a punch.

As a guest of ReCon, how will you stand out? We'd suggest wearing those unique kicks (yes, I am referencing our last blog post), getting engaged with the booths, making a real effort to learn something about the people you talk to, and aiming to build a relationship with everyone you meet.

Connect on social media, trade phone numbers, have a conversation starter ... anything to make you stand out. Blending in is boring... you're too cool for that.

10/10 for first impression!

2. Don't Miss Out On Getting Involved With The Booths (and on ALL THE SWAG)

Nobody likes guests who are a buzz-kill. These types of events are home to all sorts of wonderful types of unique exhibits for you to try out... and awesome swag to go with them!

You know the old saying, 'monkey see, monkey do.' These events are designed for you to get involved. Trust us; it'll be totally worth it.

On that note, the Franklin Street booth (C-1633) is FULL OF SWAG this year (if there was such a thing as "Best Swag Award," we'd probably be top contenders). Don't forget to come by for your popsockets, fidget spinner bottle openers, round lip balm, and a VERY SPECIAL deluxe giveaway (you'll need to know a secret phrase to come snag this one, so check your email on Monday morning to find out what it is)!

While it may sound silly to have a lot of fun at these events, actually having a good time, smiling and getting involved can be one of the best ways to grow some real relationships with brands and companies.

3. Don't Keep to Yourself

ReCon is a huge event, with a ton of attendees all set within the same industry. It's a perfect mixing tank of people within your industry who are far enough away not to be competition but close enough that you can call them if you run into a question.

With such a huge lineup of professionals within the industry, you'll have some of the best experts in the world wandering around the isles. Get talking, folks!

By ignoring attendees, you are missing out on the opportunity to grow new partnerships and connections for your business. Don't forget: it's Las Vegas.

If nothing else, there should be plenty of attendees with some incredible stories of their times in Vegas over the years. If in doubt, create your own fun stories and share them the next day.

RECon is the time to socialize!

4. Don't Ignore the Competition

You're in the middle of the biggest industry event in the U.S., maybe the world. With thousands of people wandering the aisles, you may want to ignore the competition and not share any of your great ideas.

You might think that's fine, but seriously, you're missing a trick. Not networking with your competition is a missed opportunity. Most conference attendees find more value in the people they meet and connections they make than in the event itself.

Obviously, our booth will be the one you enjoy the most; I mean, who else is going to give you spinning bottle openers? Besides that, there's no reason why you can't connect with your competition, share some expertise and both gain some insight to grow your businesses.

Make friends with the competition!

5. Don't Forget the Water

Las Vegas is hot and dry... I mean desert dry. With so much going on each day of the conference (and with your evenings booked up with client dinners and outings), it's easy to forget to stay hydrated. In Vegas, however, that is a terrible mistake to make.

Conferences aren't easy: they often involve early mornings, late nights, little sleep and lots of walking. Making sure you stay hydrated will help you to feel fresh and ready for all the networking that RECon brings.

Pro tip: head to the nearest drugstore when you land in Vegas, and buy a case of water to keep in your room (or bring your favorite reusable bottle and keep filling it up). Word on the street is that we'll have color-changing cups in our booth... true story.

Make sure you stay hydrated!

6. The Final Biggest NO...

Don't Skip The Franklin Street Booth

If you didn't see this big no-no coming, get ready. The last big thing you should NEVER do at ReCon this year is not visiting us!

Honestly, we are a lot of fun and are dying to meet as many of you as possible. If you want some killer free merch and the chance to set up a meeting with one of our Franklin Street Retailer 360 experts, the time to do it is now.

Trust us; you won't regret it.

See YouAt ReCon 2018

We can't wait to see you all at ReCon this year, make sure to come check out our booth and get involved. We're always excited to meet new people so make sure to introduce yourself.

Get in touch with us today if you want to get hands-on with our Retailer 360 adaptive real estate solutions and find out more about how we can help your business. See you soon at booth C-1633!

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