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8 Retail Interior Design Trends You Should Know About In 2018

The design of a store is critical to its success. If it's not well put together customers will not enjoy shopping there. To stay ahead of the competition, check out some of the latest trends in retail interior design.

Your interior design says a lot about your brand.

Even though online shopping has become increasingly popular among shoppers, retail spaces still play an important role in the growth of a brand. Brick & mortar spaces give dedicated consumers a chance to scope out the latest products and can bring in valuable street traffic. But they play an even bigger role for growing retailers: they allow you the opportunity to connect with your customers in ways that online shopping cannot compete with; it gives you the chance to create the ultimate retail experience. When it comes to creating experiences, interior design is one of the most impacting ways to create an environment that your customers will want to come back to again and again.

If you're looking for ways to create a retail space that consumers will love, keep reading. We're bringing you 8 retail interior design tips you need to know. And while you're looking to keep your store interior fresh relevant, check out our facilities management services for the ultimate in store maintenance.

1. Trendy Colors

Simple, classic shades of gray, tan, and of course, white and black, are old favorites in a retail space. But the latest trends are bringing something else entirely.

Pops of trendy, bright colors are now the norm.

Millennial pink has proven a popular way to draw younger crowds into retail stores in the last couple of years. While it is still popular, other bright colors, including this year's Pantone Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, are now surpassing it.

Alongside these pops of color, you'll also see the use of more bold patterns, like dramatic stripes, ombre walls, and textured surfaces.

Using trendy colors will help keep your retail space looking modern. Just remember to plan for an occasional design update to make sure that your interior design doesn't fall out of style.

2. Creating Insta-Worthy Spaces

This is another important retail trend to keep in mind when you're choosing the latest color trends to decorate your walls with.

Millennials may have started the trend of sharing their everyday experiences on social media, but the older generations didn't stay behind for long; in today's world, social media sharing is the new normal. Providing your customers with attractive, Instagram-worthy backdrops will help draw them into your store and will keep them coming back.

Try to think beyond just colorful walls and patterned backdrops. Find other ways to integrate props and decorations that would fit right in on your Instagram feed.

3. Digital Displays

If your retail space is located on a spot with a lot of street or foot or street traffic, the exterior of your store may be just as important as the interior.

Once an out-of-reach marketing tool due to high costs, digital displays are now the newest retail storefront trend. With the technology of digital displays becoming more affordable, they have become a trendy and eye-catching way to display products and tell a story. Digital displays turn stagnant windowfronts into moving, attractive billboards and videos that you can display practically anywhere.

If your digital displays don't get customers into your store right away, don't worry. Studies have shown that they leave a lasting impression on consumers. In one poll, 70 percent of Americans reported seeing a digital display in the past month, with 47 percent remembering exactly what the digital display featured. In a world of short attention spans, we'd say those are pretty good numbers.

4. Interactive Interfaces

Digital displays outside of your retail space are great for drawing consumers in, but another popular retail trend involves using those displays inside your store to create interactive interfaces.

These interfaces range from computers that allow consumers to shop for additional products online, to in-store photobooths that customers can use to capture a picture of themselves and their friends to post to social media.

These interactive displays can be great for updating your space and keeping it relevant with consumers. Make sure to maintain your displays current, however, or you may end up with dissatisfied or unimpressed customers.

5. Minimalistic Decor

If the other 2018 retail trends have you thinking that your store needs to be over-the-top to be successful, think again.

Minimalism in retail design is still alive and well.

You can even mix and match this trend with others on the list. Use bright colors or bold patterns on the walls, but skip other decorations to keep things simple. Or, choose an open floor plan to give your store a clean, minimalistic feel that shoppers will love (think Apple store... so fresh and so clean).

6. Natural Inspirations

Minimalism remains a popular retail trend because many retail customers are eager for spaces that allow them to relax and keep calm no matter what they're shopping for.

Another retail trend that goes hand in hand with this is the use of natural inspirations. The goal should be to create relaxing, calm environments. Think potted plants and water features.

While this trend might not be right for every type of retail space, it is ideal for those that are selling a relaxing, serene experience to their customers... we're talking spas, home product retailers, or those who specialize in natural products, such as bamboo clothing or organic foods.

7. A Handmade Touch

A demand for transparency from the businesses they support has led many consumers to seek out handmade, local products. Even if your business doesn't sell either item, you can still borrow from this trend in your retail space.

Displays and decorations that are handmade or appear to be are a great way to add that homey vibe to your space.

One simple way to put this trend to use is to commission local artists to create decor or other items for your space. You'll be creating a space that customers will love, and will also be supporting your own local economy in the process. It's a win-win!

8. Gallery-Inspired Spaces

Retailers no longer want to be bombarded by an endless array of products.

In keeping with the popularity of minimalistic, serene retail spaces, gallery-inspired floorplans are also popular.

These floorplans put a focus on individual products. This allows customers to focus on and appreciate these items rather than having to dig through endless retail products on their search for specific items.

Even if you can't cut back on the number of products you're displaying, you can still use this trend by faking a gallery-inspired vibes. Arches, either in the architecture or in your display, as well as clean, simple shelves, are great for achieving this look.

Putting Retail Interior Design Tips to Work

If you're looking to design the perfect space for your company, keeping these retail interior design tips handy is a must.

Whether you choose to keep it minimal or to create Insta-worthy backdrops with bold colors and crazy patterns, these tips are designed to give your space a modern look that customers will love.

If you need help choosing the perfect location for your new business, managing your facilities, or growing your business, we can help. Check out our services or connect with us today to learn more.

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