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Retail is everchanging! To keep up with the ongoing shift, retailers must stay on top of their strategy— constantly adapting to the quickly evolving industry to stay at its forefront. Sometimes, adapting means adjusting the course of your business, from introducing a new concept, to shifting your location strategy or optimizing your portfolio of locations.


Our Disposition team is your strongest ally, working alongside you with transparency and breaking down your options so you can have a clear path on how to achieve your business goals. As your hands-on partner, our experts from several Franklin Street locations and areas of expertise come together, utilizing their combined knowledge base to make the clear recommendations you need and a plan to make it all happen, quickly—because retail waits for no one.



We help you dispose of your assets to quickly adapt to an evolving industry.



We break down your options, walking you through a clear path toward your goals.



We help you create diverse income through
disposition subleasing.  




ABC was founded in 1936 and, with around 126 locations, is the largest privately held retail liquor chain in the country.  This popular go-to for beer, wine & spirits is limited to just the state of Florida due to legal regulations.  Through the years, ABC has needed to update stores and consolidate markets. They own all of their real estate, which is typically well-located and in major markets.


Due to some strategic shifts, ABC liquor was looking to consolidate some of their retail locations. Through this consolidation, however, they did not want to sell, and therefore lose, the properties. They needed an open-minded and creative partner, with the market knowledge necessary to help them utilize the properties in the most advantageous way possible. 


To fulfill the needs of this client, our team creatively built a plan to redevelop or ground lease the sites that ABC wanted to consolidate. After going to market, our team was able to secure numerous long term deals that exceeded any revenues that were lost after closing down the locations. Our experts utilized their market knowledge and marketing ability to find the best suited long-term tenants with the lowest risk to lease these properties. Franklin Street's Retailer360 Disposition team was by the client's side through every step of the process, ensuring that no surprises would arise. By helping ABC Liquor to create diverse income through disposition, we will be able to stabilize incomes through any adverse changes that are possible in the liquor world.


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