Efficient management means more than just keeping the lights on. Franklin Street’s Retailer360 handles the daily maintenance and employs proactive strategies to avoid unexpected challenges and pitfalls -- keeping you in the driver's seat without skipping a beat. Regardless of your size and unit count, our experts and their resources go to work as a facilities department.  We are smart, experienced and proactively seeking solutions before problems happen; but when they do, we are quick to respond so you don’t break a sweat. With Retailer360, you have smooth and efficient in the bag. 


From your corporate offices to your retail locations, we keep things running.







We provide ongoing oversight manage the facilities of your vacant stores.



Surterra- A groundbreaking new business selling state-licensed cannabis in retail locations across Florida. From personal consultations held in private rooms, to its bright and homey "kitchen" area, Surterra's Wellness Centers are creating a new standard for the way people buy medical cannabis.


Being a startup in an emerging industry is no easy task. Between meeting zoning requirements and securing proper licensing for their retail locations, the Surterra Wellness team has many priorities to focus on. While utilizing their internal talent to achieve their growth plans, Surterra did not have the time commitment or the internal resources to build a full facilities department that could serve their multiple business verticals. To overcome this obstacle, they needed an experienced, reliable partner to make sure that the day-to-day operations of their business ran smoothly-- allowing them to focus on growing their business.


With a robust platform and an experienced Facilities Management team, Franklin Street's was able to provide solutions for all of Surterra's needs. As their sole partner in Facilities Management, we handle their entire diverse portfolio of retail locations, corporate offices, private cultivation centers and physical laboratories. In addition to providing solutions in Facilities Management, Franklin Street is also the Surterra partner for all of their Project Management needs, helping Surterra Wellness overcome many challenges and achieve their aggressive growth goals.

“Franklin Street has been very efficient, diligent and thorough in the process of liaising with each of our locations in respect to their occupancy and maintenance queries, as well as ensuring that service and maintenance contracts for the properties in our national portfolio are maintained and performed appropriately. Their team has gone above and beyond our expectations in all aspects of our management and daily operations. We would recommend them highly to anyone who seeks friendly, professional and seamless service.”




A publicly traded company that owns multiple grocery brands such as: 

FOOD LION: A grocery chain along the eastern seaboard that closed 119 stores in multiple states. 

SWEETBAY: A grocery chain located in central and south Florida consisting of 46 stores, 36 vacant locations and 10 subleased.  


The grocery store chains decided to close nearly a quarter of their stores.

Delhaize approached Franklin Street to provide Facilities Management for the vacant stores in several states throughout the southeast.


Many stores were in remote locations and have very sophisticated building systems that needed to be protected and monitored for issues while the client worked to terminate or sub-lease the spaces.


Franklin Street took the time to understand the client's needs and tailored a Facilities Management plan to meet their objectives by: 

Hiring security vendors to monitor the vacant stores and respond to alarm calls.


Scheduling routine maintenance visits to monitor the stores coupled with detailed reports.


Lease Administration to maintain compliance with the leases in place with the landlord plus ensuring subtenants were in compliance with the leases. 

Handling the disposition of the store's leases until the majority of the stores were either terminated or leases were sold to other grocers. 


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