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7 Don'ts at ICSC RECon Vegas 2022

With ICSC RECon 2022 fast approaching, we want to give you a little reminder of some fun things. It's been a few years since we have meet in full force so here a few helpful tips to get you through ICSC RECon.

1.Don’t be unprepared. Make a plan, set your meetings, look over who’s going to be in attendance to make a list of your must meets. Take a look at the floorplan, map out who you want to visit (don’t forget to add the Franklin Street booth- #3739 Central Hall).


2. Don’t over pack your schedule. first and foremost give yourself time to get from one place to the next but you also need a little downtime.

-We've been over having a plan but make sure you schedule some time to explore. During the day make sure to walk around the showroom floor, meet new people, go get some new clients, and make friends.

-In the evening, make sure you get time to explore Vegas (more information on that in a blog coming soon), while doing all the business stuff is important don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Vegas is full of fun things to do, so figure out what your heart desires and go have a little fun!


3. Don’t forget to connect. Bring your business cards and make sure you use them. Make sure you get everyone’s contact information. That connection you made a few minutes ago might not serve you today but you know never know when having that connection could come in handy. The art of the follow-up is key when you return home, even if it is a quick “nice to meet you” email a week after ICSC 2022 make sure you stay top of mind. If for some reason you don’t get a card, a name and business is all you need to find them on the company site or LinkedIn.


4. Don’t be too tired! Three days of jam-packed fun can be exhausting, but don’t miss out on your next big deal because you were too tired. Caffeine can be your best friend for these days. Need pick me up on Tuesday? Make sure to stop by the Franklin Street booth (#3739 Central Hall) between 9am-3pm Franklin Street will have the coffee and cappuccinos flowing all day so stop by, say "hi".


5. Don’t overheat or get dehydrated. Average high temperature in Las Vegas for the month of May is 94 degrees with a humidity around 20%. This heat and lack of humidity (especially those used to a higher percentage) can cause you to become dehydrated very quickly. Make sure you drink enough water and electrolytes. For some added hydration make sure to get some liquid IV or Pedialyte packets to add to your water. Bring or grab a reusable water bottle and keep it with you. Should you need something a little strong and faster acting, you can find more than 6 IV centers within walking distance of the convention center and even more mobile resources that will come directly to you to get you up on your feet and ready to go.


6. Don't miss out on the fun! Missing out on the fun isn’t something that you want to do. Vegas will be buzzing with industry professionals, and you never know who you could run into. Let’s be honest Vegas is always buzzing but on these few days these are your people, which is a great time to find new potential mentor or mentee. Being out and about gives you the ability to make new connections or just speak with other industry folks to get your creative juices flowing. There will be no shortage of people to meet and things to do. While you might be tired, you can sleep on the plane or when you get home, don’t squander precious networking time on a nap.


7. Pull out those stylish outfits but DON’T forget to be comfortable. The Las Vegas Convention center as a whole is a 4.6 million square foot facility, THAT’S A LOT OF AREA! Make sure you aren’t breaking in new shoes or wearing something that isn’t comfortable to stand for extended periods or not comfortable to walk a few miles in. Ladies! That means in this heat, grab those cute dresses, and throw on those stylish comfortable tennis shoes. And if GQ and The Wall Street Journal says men in suits and sneakers are completely acceptable in a business setting then they are completely acceptable. And let’s be honest, if you are fighting blisters and in pain, you aren’t going to be as open to doing anything extra and that could cause you to miss out on new connections or some good fun.


If you need a break, want to chill on a comfortable couch, make sure you stop by

Franklin Street's Booth (#3739 in the Central Hall).

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